Keith Harry Live at The Orange Peel

Performing, Tracking, Songwriting


With 15 years under my belt, performing is still one of my favorite things to do.  I've professionally toured all across the US, and parts of Europe in my time.  So I am no stranger to road life, in fact, I'm quite fond of it.


I'm open for hire as a bassist/backup singer to gig or tour, locally, regionally and/or far & wide. Contact me for rates, availability and details.  Check out my portfolio for live videos. 


Whether it be a song, an album, a jingle, music bed or anything in between, I'm also open for hire as a session bassist/backup singer in studio, or via the internet.  I have worked in multiple professional studio situations, so I'm well versed in the ways of the studio session.  I also have full capabilities to record in my home studio and send high quality tracks anywhere.  Check out my portfolio for recordings.

Standard In Studio Rate: $200 per song

Standard Home Studio Rate: $250 per song

***Breaks offered for a larger or steady project***

Contact me for rates, availability and details.


Songwriting is an aspect of music that really excites me, and I've been doing it as long as I've been a musician.  For me collaboration and co-creating is what makes music go round. 


I would love to start something fresh, or be another mind on a song you need help finishing. And if I have something cooking that clicks with our dynamic, I would love to share and collaborate on that.

Contact me to start a conversation.

Check out my portfolio for my writing.

Current Involvements

Andrew Scotchie &

the River Rats

the Space Cowboys &

the Cosmic Girls

(Jamiroquai Tribute)


Gear Used

Basses: Fender Jazz Bass & Schecter Stiletto Custom 4 (Mono Cases)


Amp: Markbass CMD 121 Combo Amp w/Markbass NY 112 Extension Cab


Pedals: TC Electronic PolyTune2, Mesa Boogie Subway+ Preamp,
Empress Compressor, Boss ES-8, Source Audio Aftershock, TC Electronic Sub N Up Octave, MXR Bass Octave Deluxe, Source Audio C4 Synth, EHX Bass Micro Synth, Source Audio Gemini, Source Audio Collider

(Pedal Pad & Pedaltrain Pedalboards)


Studio Engineering

I mix in an in the box environment with outboard metering and monitoring.  I'm using a Macbook Pro with Cubase, a 24bit/192khz Steinberg UR22 mkII interface, high quality virtual components including Waves Mercury Bundle (with SSL, API, H-Series and CLA plug-ins), Mackie 1604-VLZ Mixer (for metering & monitoring), KRK RP5 V4 Monitors, and Sennhesier Headphones.  Check out my portfolio for tracks I've mixed.

Standard Rate: $150 per song (Up to 3 edits)

Extra Edit Rate: $10 per edit

***Breaks offered for a larger or steady project***

Contact me for rates, availability and details.

Live Engineering

When not on the road playing music I'm likely found behind a mixing board running live sound.  I've been the production manager and head sound engineer at the two best listening rooms in Asheville (Altamont Theatre & Ambrose West), and engineered/stage managed at multiple other venues and events around town. 


I like working a room just as much as a studio, and I am for hire as a live sound engineer in the Asheville area or for touring.  If you're looking for a touring engineer that can double as a tour manger/driver/merchandiser, I've got that covered as well.  I'm also able to procure PA systems for rental, set them up and run them if desired.

Standard Local Live Engineering Rate: $25 per hour

PA Rental, Setup and Running Rate: Contact me to discuss details

Touring Rate: Contact me to discuss details







Music Production

Let's work together to get the sound you're after.  I'll sit in on rehearsals to glue things together before tracking, help arrange parts, compose new parts, advise musicians in order to draw out their best stuff, weigh in on the album track order, and polish the sounds for optimal representation of your music to the world.

Rates are determined on a case by case basis.

Contact me to discuss details

P.S - I don't think I'm George Martin or anything, but I added him and The Beatles to the picture because they are my biggest source of inspiration, and first major musical impression in my life.